Learning, Growing, Improving

By | July 2, 2007

Learning, growing, and improving – this is part of our job responsibilities. It is at the heart of capability improvements since we are learning, growing, and improving the organization. If this is the approach taken to improve our organization then can’t we apply this same approach to our personal development?

As professionals we have to make a commitment to improving our productivity and quality of work. Improvements do not come simply from attending a class or reading a book. Improvements come from an internal desire to better ourselves and invest in ourselves – we have a passion for improving ourselves.

In many process improvements efforts, there will be many people willing to support change as long as someone “shows me how to do it”. It’s as if some magic elixir can be applied and everything changes, everything has been made better. Worthwhile change does not work that way – it requires hard work. “No, no, just let me take the magic potion!”, you say. Personal and organizational improvements require a substantial commitment to make needed behavioral changes.

I’ve had the good fortune of working with a number of inspiring colleagues throughout my career. In every case, those that excel have focused substantial energies to their own growth. Teams that have this personal commitment to excellence, create an environment full of creativity, passion, and excitement.

Make the commitment. Make the change. Witness the magic that happens when you do.

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