Do More Of The Right With Less

By | March 3, 2009

It is a tired old phrase. It creates great frustration. It strikes terror in our hearts. It is the phrase “we must do more with less”. It is increasingly heard in tough economic times. Is this a phrase you have heard in the past few months?

Lean times often finds that our ranks have been thinned but, the work has not been thinned. Time to pick up more duties! Time to become more valuable! Do you become more valuable? Are you able to sustain the level of output and quality you are known for when your duties increase? Doing more with less often:

  • Results in reduced quality because of insufficient skills and reduced focus.
  • Increases stress because of a lack of skills. Employees may fear others believe they are not competent.
  • Morale is diminished which effects teammates similarly.
  • Throughput across the organization is reduced.

Rather than doing more with less, we should reevaluate our strategy, goals, and activities. Identify what can be done with excellence, what puts our company into a stronger position, and what will ignite passion for our employees.

This clarity becomes a guiding light for the organization and employees. Having a clarity of purpose allows employees to evaluate their activities in light of what is most important for the organization. This clarity will provide:

  • Laser focus across the organization for meeting goals.
  • Employees can make good decisions about appropriate work activities.
  • Employees believe they can make a difference.
  • Employees identify activities of no value and eliminate them.
  • Teamwork improves because employees have a sense of purpose.
  • Customer satisfaction is increased.

Doing the right thing inspires passion. Doing the right thing eliminates waste. Doing the right thing breaks through all barriers. Doing the right thing is should be the norm and there is no better time than now to reassess goals and make sure we are doing more of the right with less.

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