If I Just Had…

By | March 30, 2009

Have you ever let the absence of something block your passion?

I think back to situations when I had little in material resources but was able to accomplish so much. My passion was greater than my need for “things”. It is troubling that as we begin to have more resources and capabilities such as money, people or tools, we begin to view these as prerequisites to success.

Think back to a situation where you had little in the way of resources but you had a truck load of passion! Did the lack of resources deter you from accomplishing your goal? As a matter of fact, that lack of resources did something that is far more powerful. That lack of resources became a constraint that forced you to be more innovative in accomplishing your goal. Could it be we’ve allowed the abundance of resources to dilute our creativity and innovation? Is that inability to gain the resources we “need” become an excuse for not trying, for not innovating? Are innovation and creativity being sacrificed at the alter of need?

For fun I perform in an alternative rock band and we do all original music. It is interesting that all of the music we create is done so within the confines of our 8 note music system. We’ve been writing new material for years and not once has any of us said, “if we only had a few more notes, then we could make it big!”. Should we stop trying to create new music because we can’t have more notes? No! Those 8 notes represent constraints much like those we find in our day to day work. With sufficient passion these constraints become the fuel for innovation. We have to push our creativity to the extreme to continue to create something new out of the same 8 notes every other musician has.

What are your constraints? How can they be used to fuel the fire rather than an excuse for not trying? Are you going to let a lack of something snuff out your passion? Are you going to sit around and lament, “if I just had….”?

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