Set Them Free, Stay In Radio Contact

By | July 22, 2009

Short post today and here I go again preaching for the continued demise of command and control management.

I currently have the pleasure of managing, and I use that word lightly, the highest performing team I’ve ever had the good fortune to work with. They rock and I’m sure I would still have a full head of hair had we been together for my full career :-).

I believe the most important thing I can do for my team is to provide provide clear understanding of goals and set them free. We all need to have an understanding of the goals we are asked to accomplish. Once those goals are understood then give the team the freedom to execute and succeed as they see fit by using their unique skills and capabilities. If I decided to micromanage or control them then I’ve severely limited their creativity and limited their growth. If I chose to direct them each step of the way then I’ve made the statement, “I do not trust you to meet the goal”. Set them free.

Set them free, but stay in contact, provide guidance, offer advice when needed, and remove barriers. As a manager of a team, I should put most of my focus into supporting my team, and I’m not there yet. It is my responsibility to provide them with opportunities for growth and let them enjoy accolades of a job well done. Set them free but don’t go silent on them. Teams need your support, not so much in my case, and teams do need to know you are there to support them when the need arises.

Just remember, as a manager, you are only one person. When you provide your team with the support they need and deserve then you create a situation that allows them to blast past your own personal limitations. Never underestimate the exponential value a team can provide the organization, whew, makes my head spin…

Support your team, praise your team, remove barriers, place your team in the spotlight, and set them free!!!

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