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Google Voice In Gmail

I knew that Google had made and update recently that integrated Google Voice with Gmail but I had not experienced this feature until last night. What a useful and wonderful surprise that was… I was working in my office at home and had left my Droid upstairs. I started hearing a “ringing” sound that was unfamiliar and realized… Read More »

Apple Magic Trackpad

Wow! This thing is fantastic. But first I must say that after using a Macbook Pro at work for the last few weeks I will never, ever by another PC for use at home again. They may have a premium but I get it. One thing I did find missing once I “docked” the Macbook Pro was the… Read More »

Check Your Creativity At The Door

There is little doubt that companies that foster a culture of creativity will outperform, by a large margin, those that do not. A number of sources have proven this fact and I recommend reading The Future of Management for great examples. Unfortunately, it seems to be difficult for companies to actually create an innovative culture. One where creativity is… Read More »

Squeak, Rattle, and Silence…

Ever since I removed the center console side pillars and other items to put in my Craven shift well, I’ve noticed an increase in rattles in the cabin. I’m okay with that since I know that a sporty suspension is not necessarily a smooth ride. MINIHERO is rougher than some because of the lowering springs currently installed. I… Read More »

Getting Ahead, Really?

Have you ever been in a situation where you have not gotten enough sleep for some period of time? At some point you are able to sleep normally again which does wonders for your recovery. In times of extreme exhaustion we might want to sleep more than a normal amount. We believe we can make up for our… Read More »

How Many Startups Have You Invested In?

Does this look familiar? Someone comes up with a new idea. That idea is shared and has promise. It is then sent up the “chain” where it increasingly meets resistance. More often than not, it is killed. Why? It is too different from what we do today We don’t have resources that can be taken off “approved” projects… Read More »

Let Me Count The Waste – Burning Tax Dollars

Wow, how impressed I am that the US Census Bureau would take the time to send me a letter to alert me that I will be receiving a census form from them in the next week. I will be watching the mailbox for the next 7 days with great anticipation. This may indeed be the pinnacle of 2010.… Read More »

Lighting MINI Parts

I’ve had a recent photography project where I’ve been taking shots of parts. I thought it would be a fairly boring set of photos to take but I was wrong. First off, how do you make parts look good? Not too many options and for me, interesting lighting was the best approach. Below is an example of one… Read More »

Can I Help You Sir?

How much of your time is spent helping colleagues across your company? Are you so entrenched in your day to day work that you don’t have the time to help when you could? Are pressures on to ignore those in need, those that could benefit from your skills? I’ve been thinking about this lately and the lost opportunities… Read More »

Call Me Windows, Call Me Nuts!

Let me first state that I’m impressed and generally satisfied with my Windows 7 64-bit experience. It is indeed a much better operating system than we’ve seen from Microsoft since DOS…. Now that the honeymoon is over, I see some of the same unstable behaviors of Windows past. I’m convinced Windows has multiple personality disorder. Has the constant… Read More »