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We had a short gig last night at Smith’s Olde Bar for a fund raising event for Morningside Elementary School. It is always a blast for us as performers and as audience members. The night is filled with a large number of bands playing 30 minute sets. It is cool to see how quickly some of these bands… Read More »

The MINI Dirty Butt Problem

If you happen to own a MINI Cooper then you are certainly aware of what I call the “MINI dirty butt problem”. The aerodynamics of our favorite little car are such that it scoops everything it can find off the road and dumps it onto the back of the car. My goodness, how frustrating it is to get… Read More »

Lightroom Love

Bless those Lightroom developers and product managers!!! Just discovered a behavior in Lightroom that surprised and delighted me. I use a collection for all of the images we put on my wife’s art site. We’ve decided to create a “current work” page and an “archived work” page since the number of images had gotten to be so high.… Read More »


I’ve noticed a lot of folks that participate in car shows create auto show signs for their car. Since I usually enter MINIHERO into show events I decided it was bad form for MINIHERO to not have a sign as well. So, firing up Photoshop and Lightroom, I dug through some of my shots of MINIHERO and put… Read More »

Upcoming Class Reunion

It has been 30 years since I graduated from high school. Seems a lifetime ago, well, I guess it has been. I’m pretty excited about seeing classmates and seeing the journeys our lives have taken. My graduating class was very small with only 18 seniors. That should give you an indication of how small our private school was.… Read More »

MINI Tow Hook

I’ve purchased a number of products for my MINI from and have been very happy with their prices, speed of delivery and quality of products. One exception is the red anodized tow hook. Apparently there seems to be a wide variance in quality with anodized tow hooks. After about 60 days my red tow hook turned an… Read More »

A Christmas Story

This will not be a normal Capability Development post. It concerns an event that recently took place that I would like to share. I live on Lake Norman in Duluth, Georgia which has a typical migrating population of Canadian geese. In late spring of this year, we saw that a goose had become entangled in a nylon “wire”… Read More »

Band Gig / Wonderful Art Show

This weekend my band, Exit Strategy, is performing at a local fine art show. The art show is Barefoot In The Park in downtown Duluth, GA on April 19 – 20. Great event with a huge focus on children with many free art activities for the kiddies. My band plays on Sunday April 20 from 4:30 – 5:15.… Read More »