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Gene Pool Cleansing

I almost fell out of my car on my way to band practice tonight. While stopped at a light during rush hour at a major Atlanta intersection I saw a grown man turning onto North Druid Hills Rd. from the I-85 off-ramp on a pocket bike. This guy had to have a death wish. He was at the… Read More »

Ableton Live

Downloaded a demo version of Ableton’s Live product. What a very cool product. Much more powerful than Sony’s ACID Pro (at least to this untrained music wanna be). I went through the included demo and then tried my hand at creating a short song using the included samples. That was fun! Then I decided to record the acoustic… Read More »

What A Washer

Our Kenmore bit the dust and after determining Sears service could not come out for 3 days I decided to roll up my sleeves and fix it myself. The good news is there are a lot of sites out there with detailed information on how to service/repair washers. A few of the best are: Between these sites… Read More »