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When Can We Meet?

Coordinating schedules can be a challenge, this is exacerbated when calendars are not shared. As a consultant, my company calendar has to be my one source of truth. Scheduling meetings within our company isn’t a challenge since we can see each other’s availability. This is not true when you are trying to coordinate across most companies. There are… Read More »

Bye Bye Google Reader, Sniff

Google Reader has been in my stable of tools as long as I can recall for aggregating stories across a variety of blogs, about 170 at the moment. If you haven’t been hiding under a rock you know that Google is retiring Google Reader and as of July 1st it will no longer be available. There has been… Read More »

MINI JCW GP – Clicking For A Friend

Helping a friend in their quest to win a contest for a flipping awesome 2013 MINI John Cooper Works GP. You can help by clicking these three links. Pretty please? http://t.co/VzV3n2E5http://t.co/jExgzRX1http://t.co/fzXZRoDy

MINI GP Contest

My pal and MINI expert Waylon of Way Motor Works is in a heated battle for votes to win this contest. It takes just a moment and I would appreciate it if you could take a moment to help. Below are three links. Each will add a point to his score. MINI GP wallpaper linkMaking of the MINI… Read More »

A Year of Photos

November 17, 2010 marked the beginning of a photographic journey that has forever changed how I see. It has been a year that improved my technical and composition skills as well as my ability to define a vision and execute it photographically. In 2010, I was invited by Tim Stoklas to participate in a Photo 365 project. This… Read More »

Suffocating – Our New Music Video

The band I’m in, Exit Strategy, is made of of three other great friends and we’re going on 14+ years at this point. We’ve come a long way since performing covers to only original material. Well, with sufficient arm twisting we might pop out a cover or two. The last few years we’ve tried to goal ourselves with… Read More »

Google Voice In Gmail

I knew that Google had made and update recently that integrated Google Voice with Gmail but I had not experienced this feature until last night. What a useful and wonderful surprise that was… I was working in my office at home and had left my Droid upstairs. I started hearing a “ringing” sound that was unfamiliar and realized… Read More »

Apple Magic Trackpad

Wow! This thing is fantastic. But first I must say that after using a Macbook Pro at work for the last few weeks I will never, ever by another PC for use at home again. They may have a premium but I get it. One thing I did find missing once I “docked” the Macbook Pro was the… Read More »

Squeak, Rattle, and Silence…

Ever since I removed the center console side pillars and other items to put in my Craven shift well, I’ve noticed an increase in rattles in the cabin. I’m okay with that since I know that a sporty suspension is not necessarily a smooth ride. MINIHERO is rougher than some because of the lowering springs currently installed. I… Read More »

Lighting MINI Parts

I’ve had a recent photography project where I’ve been taking shots of parts. I thought it would be a fairly boring set of photos to take but I was wrong. First off, how do you make parts look good? Not too many options and for me, interesting lighting was the best approach. Below is an example of one… Read More »