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Call Me Windows, Call Me Nuts!

Let me first state that I’m impressed and generally satisfied with my Windows 7 64-bit experience. It is indeed a much better operating system than we’ve seen from Microsoft since DOS…. Now that the honeymoon is over, I see some of the same unstable behaviors of Windows past. I’m convinced Windows has multiple personality disorder. Has the constant… Read More »

Droid and iTunes

Just watched this video and learned a few things about copying iTunes music over to the Droid. Watch the video for more details but here are some things I learned: Add the “Kind” column to a view to quickly determine what in your library is protected by DRM. If you see Protected AAC then you know it will… Read More »

How My Droid Does

A number of friends that are considering buying a Droid have been asking me about the applications that I use and would recommend. To save myself some time I thought I would just create a blog post on what I’m using rather than repeat the discussion over and over. How’s that for efficient collaboration! Weather I spent some… Read More »

Uh Oh, Bad UI Design?

I’ll admit to being a Google fan boy but a recent experience with the Google Reader UI on my Droid has my scratching my head. First off, for those of you not using Google Reader… why not? Just do it. I currently have over 150 blogs in my read list and none of this would be possible without… Read More »

MINI Clock

The fun factor of the MINI brand is the best. I never tire of the fun things they come up with either from their YouTube channel or on the MINI USA site. They just came out with a MINI clock that will reside on your computer’s desktop. Looks like the speedometer but instead of speed it represents the… Read More »

My Next MINI, Who Will NOT Get My Money

This is a tale of two MINI dealers and differences in attitude that can make or break an organization. In the new world created by Web 2.0 technologies, a world where the customers are in control it would be wise to remember the importance of customer service. Those that do not will be left wondering where all the… Read More »

My Photography Site

After much prodding from Cher, I’ve finally made a commitment to my photography hobby and now have a photography website. Check out my site which is Though I’ve been posting lots of photos through the years on my Flickr site, this feels different and is begging to make me be a bit more serious about this hobby.… Read More »

Tilting and Shifting

I’ve been intrigued by the look of a tilt shift lens and though I don’t have one, it is possible to recreate it effect using Photoshop. Or at least approximate the effect. There are a number of sites that provide instructions on how to do this and I’ll provide links below. In my case, as a rabid member… Read More »

Jason’s Glass Blowing

Our son, Jason, is following in mom’s footsteps and has started down a path of creating art. After just a few glass blowing lessons he is creating some wonderful work. Just a couple of examples below. I expect this to be just the tip of the iceberg! and

MINIHERO – The Disappearing Bonnet

Played around with a technique last night where you can “see” through the bonnet, that would be hood for the non-MINI crowd, into the engine bay. You take an exposure with the bonnet closed, another with the bonnet open, and then do a bit of work in Photoshop to get this effect. Easy to do as long as… Read More »